Hall of fame

Most helpful


If you’ve spent any time helping out members in the Help and Support forum, you’ll know harrrrrry. He’s always there to lend a hand with particularly tricky issues.

But if you leave the Help section, you’ll see harrrrrry’s brand of philanthropy elsewhere too. He knows that the best place to give help is where people are asking for it and will seek out problems to solve no matter where they are in the community.

No problem is too big or small for him. He will always think about how people might need the same help in future, and sets up ways to make sure they find the answers they need.

It doesn’t stop there. You will also find his work on the Knowledge Base, in the articles he has co-written with staff and other members.

And last but not least, the help he’s given in testing new features for the community has been invaluable to members who use it as well.