Hall of fame


“The perfect example of this would have to be the way she has brought the community together to start (or at least provide a significant contribution towards) a major consultation on the Contribute board, about the future of the Social: General Discussion board. She has tried hard to remain neutral with her questioning and her responses to the feedback she has received, despite having her own personal views (as anyone would), proving just as welcoming towards members who offer what would be opposing views to her own as she is to those who would agree with her. She took the initiative on an issue that was close to her heart and she felt needed addressing, and instead of just moaning about this, she has positively influenced the future direction of the board in a way that I can see the Community Team has greatly appreciated.” - Community member

She wrote about her award here: https://community.giffgaff.com/t5/General-Discussion/giffgaff-Visited-My-House-and-a-GAFFTA/td-p/15458524